Before moving, One of the major concern is to pack all the household things, if you are doing it by yourself possibilities are there it may break or fall Which can damage your goods. Take as much time as is needed before starting the packing process to evade your delicate things from getting Damaged. Here is, We Cargo Balaji Packers and movers in Pune giving you some tips of it.

To Implement Proper Packing Things, First of all, collect all items listed below:- 

  1. Permanent Marker
  2. Newspaper or packing paper
  3. Covers For Furniture 
  4. Tape 
  5. Bubble Wrap
  6. Packing Cartons/boxes

Here are some instructions to pack the most important Fragile items:

 Plates: Firstly, Start filling it with crumpled paper and then place each plate vertically, it will take less space also it reduces the chances of damage while moving 

After this, wrap it with bubble wrap and cover it properly with packing tape. Do not over pack the box and after closing the box securely mark them as ‘Fragile Items: Handle with Care’.

Glasses: Take a new cardboard box with you and You can use cardboard divider to place each glassware item individually, use crumpled paper to wrap your glass item if you don’t have crumpled paper, any newspaper will work, cover your items firmly using at least two or three layers.  After it, use an additional layer of bubble wrap, it will give extra protection to your items. Check your box and try to leave no void space and then make sure you don’t hear any sound while shaking your packaged material otherwise, you have to put some extra packing peanuts in the boxes. At last mark your boxes after sealing.

Painting and Framed Pictures: If your pictures/painting are made up of glass, take packing tape and draw X on glass area by covering the corners and It will protect your item from any damage and being shattered. Wrap your frames in packing paper, you can place multiple frames in the same box but each should be wrapped separately. Use multiple layers of bubble wraps to protect and tape to secure your paintings and framed pictures. After this,  don’t forget to mark “Fragile items: Handle with caution”. Tell your Movers and packers in Pune to take extra care of it.

Speciality Items: Different Special items like antique lamps and electronic media items should be packed in protective cases if you have or wrap it with plastic wrap and lamp and lampshades should be packed in a large box, fill the empty spaces with newspapers or old clothes so it can not move here and there within the boxes during transit. Use the bubble wrap where it needed and label each item after packing.

If you are done with packing now it’S time to call the Packers and movers Pune and don’t forget to mention them which boxes contain delicate items. If you are unsure or want some help further you can ask for help to your packers and movers we will do it for you.

So connect with the best Movers and packers in Pune.

We  will manage you on what and what not to do with your valueble belongings.

Happy Moving.