The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way of our life. It affected the whole world and the situation is very frightening for everyone. Fortunately, everybody joined together and fighting against it. Furthermore, this outbreak taught us to keep up legitimate cleanliness and neatness at our home and workplace. Now, the demand for sanitizers, cleaning and disinfecting service has increased. Here, Cargo balaji best packers and movers in pune suggesting you some tips to make your home clean and virus-free below.

Ways to disinfect your home to make it virus-free

There’s a misconception about cleaning and disinfecting, often people think both are the same but these two are totally different things. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from the things you can see but disinfecting is related to killing bacteria and viruses that you can see in reality.

Generally, All as of now follow this act of cleaning at our home everyday or once in a week at least.


Now, We need to adopt these disinfecting and cleaning practices in our daily life given by packers and movers in pune to make our home safe for us. 

List of objects that need to be cleaned everyday

  • Handles and knobs of the door
  • Chairs and the cover of sofa
  • Dining table and it’s chairs
  • Electric switches and board
  • Kitchen and bathroom surface
  • TV and AC remote

Process to clean and disinfect objects of the home

You should start with cleaning objects first, start with dusting after this, mop. Use an appropriate cleanser to mop these objects and once you are done with cleaning, your next step is to disinfect.

You must have to check which of your home are is used more or exposed to multiple touches because people keep coming to these areas the most, so there is a high chance

Every Time someone enters, he or she may carry viruses and germs.

So you should pay max. attention to these areas and disinfect it on priority. Read blogs by Cargo balaji, movers and packers pune on daily basis to read safety measures during this pandemic.

Wash your hands 

Our hands often touch with dust and dirt as we work or interact with other people. You and your family members need to clean hands with soap and sanitizer regularly to prevent themselves from diseases. We know, It always takes time to develop a habit and adopt it into our daily routine, but once you do, you will get positive results.


Stay Home

This is the most easiest and efficient way to protect yourself from any viruses during this COVID-19 outbreak. If you are going outside, In any urgency you are going outside then do not forget to wear masks and  you should avoid close contact with any other person.

If you are serious about your health and want to remain fit, you need to follow all the hygiene practices mentioned above. It is so easy, just turn these practices into your habit and make you and your home safe and virus free. 

Cargo balaji, packers and movers pune is requesting you to follow these practices into your daily life so that we can make this world a happy place again as soon as possible.