A guide by cargo Balaji packers and movers for changing address before moving
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Moving is a monotonous process, it involves a lot of things and you cannot imagine your shifting without the help of packers and movers. The people move from one place to another place in the hope of something better e.g. for a good job, a good workplace, a decent society to live in.  It isn’t as simple as it appears. Nowadays people follow a fixed routine in their daily life. Any changes that can affect their professional work also moving is not a task which can be done by a single man. You have to call packers and movers for your relocation.

Movers and packers  make things easier for the clients, they have professional experience that is why they provide a hassle-free moving experience to their customers. Cargo balaji packers and movers have an experienced dedicated team who provides quality services using the latest technology. They are the most demanded packers and movers company for home shifting and office shifting.

Following are the list of services provided by packers and movers pune.

  • Home shifting
  • Office Shifting
  • Pet Relocation
  • Vehicle shifting
  • Storage service

People face many challenges during the relocation process, one of the common is the change of address also you can not ignore because all the important documents are posted on the same address. Cargo balaji packers and movers is suggesting steps that need to be changed before shifting to a new place. 

  1. First of all, an important thing is to update your address by visiting the post office in your locality. It will take at least a week to make necessary changes.
  2. Call your internet service provider and give information about your new address so that they can send a bill at your new address. If you have a phone connection too, inform them also.
  3. Gas agencies also need to be informed about the new address. This helps in delivering gas cylinders uninterruptedly
  4. You should also inform your bank about the new address. You can update your new address by logging in through the internet or by using the app of your concerned bank.

You should also inform other important places about your new address which are Electricity and water supply agencies, schools, offices, online websites etc. Inform your close relatives and friends. Hire professional and trusted packers and movers today and have a hassle-free relocation.

The Benefits Of Relocation During Peak & Non-Peak Moving Season
Packers and Movers Pune

Whether you are moving into the city or to another state, it is very important to plan your move accordingly. Choosing the perfect date for your relocation is the main thing for you.

Most of the people in a calendar year choose summer and spring season for the move because of pleasant weather this time and the annual vacation of schools. Most of the moving companies are busy during this period so it becomes difficult to find good Packers and movers for relocation.

We are telling you the advantages of moving in peak and non-peak season.

Benefits of moving during peak season:

Pleasant weather – Mostly, People choose late spring and summer season for a relocation because of nice weather during this time, relocation during the winter season is not the best idea because of risk of road accidents and late delivery due to Fogg and wet roads. That is why people choose the summer season for hassle-free relocation.

Free Time – School of the students remain close in this season also people get leave from their work, this allows them to have more time also they can take help of their family members and relatives.

Extra Earning – During this free time before your move, you can organize a sale for the items you are not using, extra or unusable. You can earn some extra money by selling these items.

More Real estate opportunities – This is the peak time, People sell and purchase more houses in this season. You can get more options to choose your ideal home.

Benefits of moving during the non-peak season :

Discount offers –  Usually, Bookings are low at this time therefore packers and movers offers huge discounts on every booking to make some profit. This time you can get low rates for your move.

Easy Availability – Due to off-season, you will get appropriate dates for your move as per your convenience as the mostly packers and movers companies are not very busy at this time also they will handle you with great care at this time.

Wider choice of packers and movers – You have ample availability of time in this period, you can think properly and can choose the best packers and movers for your relocation. Unlike the peak season, you will have the more best options available during this season.

Speedy and safe shipment – Usually, roads are free at this time of winter so there is no chance of traffic jams and delay So you can experience faster shipment in winters for your move.

After reading this blog, you can deeply analyze the pros. and cons. of both seasons. Cargo Balaji is wishing you the best luck for your next “Happy Move”.

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How to select a goods storage service while moving?
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At the point when you are moving from one place to another place and you don’t have the particular location to store your goods. At this time you need to choose professional packers and movers who will provide you a good storage service.During the search of a new home or during renovation of home individuals use storage service. Various packers and movers offer warehouses or storage services at very low cost to attract customers. Sometimes many packers and movers cheat their customers and provide no compensation after the damage of goods also they do not provide additional facilities with it.

Price control 

Before hiring movers and packers for warehouse service, you should check the every details of the company. Go through at least 6 to 8 companies and then shortlist 4 best for you. Check their services, prices, offers and discounts. Packers and movers provide storage service for both short and long periods. Choose one who is convenient for you.

Security service

The important thing you need to check about the warehouses is whether they are secure or not. Check they are fully equipped with CCTV cameras, do not select open warehouses. Choose those only who provide you guarantee of safety and security of goods.


Check whether your warehousing company is offering insured service or not. It is always good to take insurance for fire and theft. Many companies offer guarantees of security but for the safe side you should take insurance for goods because in case of any loss and damage you can claim for coverage at least.

Check their review

Now it is easy to check the background of any packers and movers company who offers storage services. Before hiring them check their reviews and feedback online. This review will give you an idea about the particular company and help you in finding a good storage company.

Cargo balaji packers and movers is a reputed warehouse and storage service provider. We offer spacious warehouses for long term and short term. We are the #1 packers and movers service provider in pune. Call on +91 9672551039 to hire us.