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What are the GST rates for packers and movers in Pune?

Lots of people are confused and want to know what the GST rate is charged by packers and movers companies? Is it 5%, 12% or 18%? If you are also confused, then read our blog from beginning to the end, it will clear all your doubts by the end.

Before reading this, let’s focus on what is GST?

GST is an Indirect tax that aims for replacing the other indirect taxes in India which are VAT, Service tax, excise duty, etc. The GST Act was implemented by the Government of India on July 1st, 2017.

There is a misinterpretation in people’s minds about the movers and packers rate under GST. In Social media, you will regularly see clients protesting about being fleeced with higher GST rates. They always question the GST rate for movers and packers is a simple 5%, yet commonly, they are charged 18%. Cargo Balaji packers and movers will explain everything to you in detail in this blog.

What is the real truth about it? 

Here are the list of standard GST rates involves in logistics service:

5% GST is on Transportation service

18% GST is on Transit Insurance

18% GST is on Packing and moving service

Reality is the GST tax rate of packers and movers comes under the 18% GST slab.

Packers and movers companies also deal with transportation, they not only provide moving services but also they shift goods from one place to another place.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example, if you are shifting your household things in Pune and you are taking loading-unloading service, transport service, packing and rearranging service by logistics company, you see that you are using full services of packers and movers, thus in this case you have to pay 18% GST rate.

The 5% GST rate is applicable when clients only use transport of the packers and movers companies. If you are only availing transport service, then you should pay 5% GST, not 10%.

Cargo Balaji has been in the packers and movers business for the last 10 years and it always works to solve the problems of clients. We also provide all kinds of packing and moving services. Call us on +91 9672551039 to hire the best services in Pune city.

Packers and Movers Pune
Changes By Cargo Balaji Packers and Movers After Covid-19

Relocation is a very stressful job, it is even tougher in this global Covid-19 pandemic. You can not take a risk in this situation, You will want to protect yourself in this tough time and you will try not to come in contact with the coronavirus. Cargo Balaji packers and movers are one step ahead in this work and we made so many arrangements and changes for this so that we can provide you safe and secure service. 

Our new shifting guidelines during Covid-19

  • Online Booking – To avoid close contact in this pandemic, You can make a booking right from your home through call or our website, for this, you need to fill a form given on our website. You do not need to visit our main office for this.
  • Documents through email – You can get quotations for free from our website. We will send you the bills and other necessary documents over email, If you need any hard copy, we will send it to your address by post.
  • Social distancing and Sanitisation – All our workers sanitize their hands from time to time, They also maintain proper distance and use masks properly and every day we check the temperature of our workers. We follow all guidelines given by the Indian government & WHO.
  • Charges as before – Many packers and movers have increased their packing and moving charges to meet all these guidelines but we have not increased the charges, our charges are the same as before.
  • Warehouse facility –  In this Covid situation, your goods get stuck anywhere and you need one place so that you can keep your goods safe at that place. For this, we provide warehouse services at a very low cost.

Cargo balaji packers and movers
Cargo Balaji is a trusted name that provides all kinds of packing and moving services. We also have a trained and professional team for this. We are the most trusted movers and packers in the city.


Packers and Movers Pune
How to shift heavy items while relocating?

When you are shifting home or office, at that time you have to shift both small as well as heavy items. It can be a daunting task if you have no prior shifting experience it can create huge trouble for you. If you want a smooth and seamless shifting process you have to hire Unless professional and experienced Packers and Movers. plenty of chances are there where you had trouble handling heavy items.

However, But for this, you do not need to be worried, if you pay a little more attention, then you can easily shift your goods to your destination without any trouble. We have also given some easy steps below following which you can easily shift heavy items to your desired location. If you want, you can also call professional packers and movers.

Tips to handle heavy items are mentioned below :

  1. Handle furniture carefully – If you shifting any heavy object or large furniture, try to get help from your other family members. Do not try to move heavy furniture alone or it can cause strain on your body also maintain a strong grip or hold tightly the object while moving furniture. Professional packers and movers also follow the same approach.
  2. Clear the path – firstly clear everything that comes in your way while moving any object. When you are shifting, you have objects in your hand, at that time it can be very difficult to kick anything from the way. You must clear the route till doorway in advance. So that you can carry the goods easily outside – inside the house.
  3. Use of moving equipment – Moving tools are meant to make things easier, you can use dollies and carts to handle heavy furniture. Using Moving tools properly will get your work done quickly and easily.

Take professional help, if you want – If you are having trouble while handling heavy objects, you can call movers and packers for your help. The packers and movers have lot of experience and advanced tools, with the help of which they will shift your items easily in a shorter time.

You can call Cargo Balaji packers and movers for all moving and shifting related problems, If you need, they will help you in every way possible way.

Packers and Movers Pune
Tips for safe vehicle transportation by Cargo Balaji Packers and Movers

Moving a vehicle is a hectic task equivalent to home or office shifting. Vehicle transportation from one place to another is also a tough task. Some people choose to move their vehicle on their own by driving hours and hours which is a risky and tiresome process while others hire a professional vehicle shifting company like cargo Balaji, packers and movers for the transportation of their vehicle. Professional transportation or shifting companies have years of experience, they move your vehicles safely from one place to another.

For an individual or a family who are wanting to move their vehicle starting from one place to another one, their vehicle safety matters a lot for them.  You have to consider certain things given below which guarantee safe vehicle transportation anyplace in India.

Hire best vehicle shifting company – Check before hiring any vehicle transportation company, they are reliable and experienced or not, they are using spacious and big vehicles to move your car or bike to the desired destination. Check the background, user reviews and ratings online about the company.

Get a free quotation from the company – It is the best method for comparing the price of different companies, It also helps in deciding which company is suitable or fits in your budget. Go ahead with those packers and movers who are offering the best service at an affordable price.

Empty Vehicle’s fuel tank – Fuel is only required in the moving process for loading- unloading. So always empty your fuel tank or almost ¼, otherwise, it will increase your vehicle weight and because of this, you do not have to pay extra money to the company.

Vehicle Insurance – Always insure your vehicle before handing it to the company, if in any case your vehicle is damaged or lost, you can claim for money. It will help you to meet expenses if your vehicle gets damaged. Insurance is not an extra burden, it helps you in difficult times. This is why one should never ignore insurance for your vehicle.

Off-season – Always use the off-season to move your vehicle, Avoid Summers, It is the busiest time for packers and movers companies. Choose the beginning or end of the year, At this time charges are very low and you will get the best deal.Cargo Balaji packers and movers, also offer transportation service. We have years of experience and a skilled team for it. We are a renowned company in Chennai in this field. Hire us and experience the best transportation service in the city.

Shifting bike – Railways or Movers and Packers
Packers and Movers Pune

Two common options to deliver your bike to your desired location is Indian railways and movers and packers. Indian Railways is in business for transportation of passenger luggage which includes a wide range of food grains to many commercial items. They are not prominent in specific services in contrast to this Packers and Movers in this sphere is more specific to their business.

Indian Railways has two options of transportation 

  1. Luggage
  2. Parcel

When you are moving with your bike you can opt for Luggage as a confirmed reserved ticket is a must and your bike move on the same train in which you are moving. In parcel, you have to book but you don’t know in which train your bike is moving and it is with tie-up of Indian railway with India post so you indirectly facing two Indian government bodies, I hope you can take a hint out of my words.

So let’s evaluate their highlight features point-wise.

  1. Packers and movers are just a call away you call them and they are like Aladin ka jin, but for Indian railway, you have to visit the counter of Indian railway.
  2. Movers move with your terms, unlike railway for which you have to adopt yourself according to red-tapism where no one is there to entertain you at least specifically.
  3. Movers and packers take the burden of safe delivery individually but the later one takes no headache.
  4. They are time-bound and a single window to connect to you every part of the chain simply if I say you have a lens to track your bike at any part unlike this there is no clear structure in Indian railway in case if you have a problem there is no one to entertain you.
  5. They are for you up to your home they will deliver your bike at your door but railway delivery depends on the stop of the train by which your bike is moving.
  6. You need an original railway receipt no photocopy or softcopy works when you stuck in this there is only one option and that is the Indian judiciary i.e. you have to move to court 
  7. You need a good packer for your bike if you want to move your bike through wheels of Indian railway, look they are available around the counter but they charge for this and the packing quality depends on the hole in your pocket.
  8. With movers and packers, you can shift your other household with your bike and that is not possible with the Indian railway.

Packers and Movers are available in almost every city like in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai movers and packers are there for you and after some services, your interaction with them can shift your items even cheaper than Indian railways in future endeavors.


A guide by cargo Balaji packers and movers for changing address before moving
Packers and Movers Pune

Moving is a monotonous process, it involves a lot of things and you cannot imagine your shifting without the help of packers and movers. The people move from one place to another place in the hope of something better e.g. for a good job, a good workplace, a decent society to live in.  It isn’t as simple as it appears. Nowadays people follow a fixed routine in their daily life. Any changes that can affect their professional work also moving is not a task which can be done by a single man. You have to call packers and movers for your relocation.

Movers and packers  make things easier for the clients, they have professional experience that is why they provide a hassle-free moving experience to their customers. Cargo balaji packers and movers have an experienced dedicated team who provides quality services using the latest technology. They are the most demanded packers and movers company for home shifting and office shifting.

Following are the list of services provided by packers and movers pune.

  • Home shifting
  • Office Shifting
  • Pet Relocation
  • Vehicle shifting
  • Storage service

People face many challenges during the relocation process, one of the common is the change of address also you can not ignore because all the important documents are posted on the same address. Cargo balaji packers and movers is suggesting steps that need to be changed before shifting to a new place. 

  1. First of all, an important thing is to update your address by visiting the post office in your locality. It will take at least a week to make necessary changes.
  2. Call your internet service provider and give information about your new address so that they can send a bill at your new address. If you have a phone connection too, inform them also.
  3. Gas agencies also need to be informed about the new address. This helps in delivering gas cylinders uninterruptedly
  4. You should also inform your bank about the new address. You can update your new address by logging in through the internet or by using the app of your concerned bank.

You should also inform other important places about your new address which are Electricity and water supply agencies, schools, offices, online websites etc. Inform your close relatives and friends. Hire professional and trusted packers and movers today and have a hassle-free relocation.

The Benefits Of Relocation During Peak & Non-Peak Moving Season
Packers and Movers Pune

Whether you are moving into the city or to another state, it is very important to plan your move accordingly. Choosing the perfect date for your relocation is the main thing for you.

Most of the people in a calendar year choose summer and spring season for the move because of pleasant weather this time and the annual vacation of schools. Most of the moving companies are busy during this period so it becomes difficult to find good Packers and movers for relocation.

We are telling you the advantages of moving in peak and non-peak season.

Benefits of moving during peak season:

Pleasant weather – Mostly, People choose late spring and summer season for a relocation because of nice weather during this time, relocation during the winter season is not the best idea because of risk of road accidents and late delivery due to Fogg and wet roads. That is why people choose the summer season for hassle-free relocation.

Free Time – School of the students remain close in this season also people get leave from their work, this allows them to have more time also they can take help of their family members and relatives.

Extra Earning – During this free time before your move, you can organize a sale for the items you are not using, extra or unusable. You can earn some extra money by selling these items.

More Real estate opportunities – This is the peak time, People sell and purchase more houses in this season. You can get more options to choose your ideal home.

Benefits of moving during the non-peak season :

Discount offers –  Usually, Bookings are low at this time therefore packers and movers offers huge discounts on every booking to make some profit. This time you can get low rates for your move.

Easy Availability – Due to off-season, you will get appropriate dates for your move as per your convenience as the mostly packers and movers companies are not very busy at this time also they will handle you with great care at this time.

Wider choice of packers and movers – You have ample availability of time in this period, you can think properly and can choose the best packers and movers for your relocation. Unlike the peak season, you will have the more best options available during this season.

Speedy and safe shipment – Usually, roads are free at this time of winter so there is no chance of traffic jams and delay So you can experience faster shipment in winters for your move.

After reading this blog, you can deeply analyze the pros. and cons. of both seasons. Cargo Balaji is wishing you the best luck for your next “Happy Move”.

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How to select a goods storage service while moving?
Packers and Movers Pune

At the point when you are moving from one place to another place and you don’t have the particular location to store your goods. At this time you need to choose professional packers and movers who will provide you a good storage service.During the search of a new home or during renovation of home individuals use storage service. Various packers and movers offer warehouses or storage services at very low cost to attract customers. Sometimes many packers and movers cheat their customers and provide no compensation after the damage of goods also they do not provide additional facilities with it.

Price control 

Before hiring movers and packers for warehouse service, you should check the every details of the company. Go through at least 6 to 8 companies and then shortlist 4 best for you. Check their services, prices, offers and discounts. Packers and movers provide storage service for both short and long periods. Choose one who is convenient for you.

Security service

The important thing you need to check about the warehouses is whether they are secure or not. Check they are fully equipped with CCTV cameras, do not select open warehouses. Choose those only who provide you guarantee of safety and security of goods.


Check whether your warehousing company is offering insured service or not. It is always good to take insurance for fire and theft. Many companies offer guarantees of security but for the safe side you should take insurance for goods because in case of any loss and damage you can claim for coverage at least.

Check their review

Now it is easy to check the background of any packers and movers company who offers storage services. Before hiring them check their reviews and feedback online. This review will give you an idea about the particular company and help you in finding a good storage company.

Cargo balaji packers and movers is a reputed warehouse and storage service provider. We offer spacious warehouses for long term and short term. We are the #1 packers and movers service provider in pune. Call on +91 9672551039 to hire us.